Work out words in the missing letters train game

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missing letters train game montage

To play the missing letters train game, try to work out the letters that have been replaced by a _ in each word. For example, tr_ins would be trains. Things that help trains go Things you find in carriages Enjoying the missing words train game? Why not try this anagram game too? Famous locomotives Thomas & Friends Thanks for playing the missing letters train game. See all … Read More

Learn to count with the train numbers game

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train numbers game

To play the train numbers game, just click or press the + signs to open and close. Why not try letting the child press or click the + signs themselves? Use the numbers and pictures to help them say them aloud if they can. Enjoy the train numbers game? Why not try the anagram game, colours game or ABC train game as well? Thanks … Read More

Train your brain with this railway anagram game

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To play the Trains For Kids anagram game, rearrange the letters to make a train-related word. Then click or press the + sign to see if you are right. There are different themes in this railway game, including On The Railway, Steam Trains, London Stations, and Underground Lines. On The Railway The letters from ten things you would find on or around … Read More