Peter’s Railway books continue train-loving children’s journey

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Peter's Railway Montage

There are few books that my six-year old son, Zachary, treasures more than his hardback Peter’s Railway ones. To a degree, he had outgrown Thomas The Tank Engine and younger train books and I was keen to use his love of railways, maths and how things are built to explore more real-life situations. The first book in Christopher Vine’s Peter’s Railway series fit … Read More

Getting stuck in: Five ultimate train sticker books

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Train Sticker Books

Sticker books have always been appealing to kids. They are great for lazy days or during travel. Below are five (sort of — you’ll see) of the very best for children ages two and upwards that love trains and railway scenes, including sneak peaks inside. A Great Introduction Train Sticker Books The best train sticker book to get started with is Usborne’s … Read More