Best Thomas ride-ons, trikes and outdoor toys for summer

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Thomas Ride-Ons Montage

With summer upon us, it’s time to look at some of the best outdoor ride on toys, bikes, scooters and more for children who love Thomas The Tank Engine.

Very first Thomas ride-ons

In terms of first ride on toys, this Thomas & Friends Ride-On fits the bill. For a start it is relatively inexpensive, which is important as children grow up very fast. It is suitable for 12 months upwards and is lightweight so should be easy to use for even the smaller tots. In terms of features, it is pretty standard for a toddler ride-on, including a squeaker on the steering wheel, a backrest and seat for storage. It won’t last forever but is a great starter ride on.

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Thomas Ride On

Another option for toddlers

Fisher-Price’s Pop & Go Thomas is just plain fun. Suitable for a year upwards, the child pushes Thomas around so that the balls jump up and down within everyone’s favourite little engine. The chasis is made of clear blue plastic while the balls are various bright colours. If your baby is not quite walking yet, the handle can also be removed, allowing the child to play with just an oversized Thomas containing balls. Fisher-Price’s Pop & Go Thomas can typically be found for under £20, with John Lewis’ price match a safe bet.

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Thomas Ride On

A better Thomas investment?

Now this one might split the crowd. The Thomas & Friends 3-in-1 Scooter Ride-On and Trailer is definitely a great ride-on. It converts from a ride-on to a scooter and also has a trailer, which not only is great storage but makes it look and feel much more like a train. A train absent Annie and Clarabel mind. Well built, able to take up to 15 kg of weight and with an adjustable steering wheel it will last longer but is typically well over twice the price of the previous two Thomas ride-ons.

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Thomas Ride On

Thomas ride-on for two-year-olds

At around the age of two most children will be developing a) the ability to pedal and b) stubborn independence! Thus the pick of Thomas ride-ons for this age would be the Thomas & Friends 3-in-1 Trike. At this point, ride-ons take a departure from being like Thomas to being themes with colourful Thomas graphics. With chunky wheels, little legs should still be able to use this trike on bumpy ground in parks, along pavements and in the garden. That’s provided they don’t fill up the rear bucket storage with too many rocks. The parent handle comes off for when the child gets older or to add back on if you don’t want them careening into the road.

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First scooter for Thomas mad kids

There are two main scooters on the market for Thomas loving kids. Each is suitable from 3 upwards though from experience of scooters toppling, the Thomas & Friends Tilt ‘n’ Turn Scooter (left image) edges out the in-line version in my book. The steeting action is tilt and turn which children pick up very quickly. There is a rear footbrake which chldren seem to pick up less quickly. The handlebars can be removed and while I’ve never actually done this with a scooter, this may be good for transporting and storing it. Again plastered with Thomas stickers and typically available for under £30.

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The Thomas & Friends My First In-Line Scooter by contrast has extra wide front and rear wheels. In many other respects the two are the same. While the in-line scooter’s handlebars can adjust up and down, the Thomas & Friends Tilt ‘n’ Turn Scooter is likely to see more use.

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Get riding with Thomas

The final step for kids is to get riding a bike. The main one available presently comes in various sizes. This is an example of the Thomas & Friends 12in Bike which has stickers, stickers and more stickers – including on the all-important chain-guard. The 12in (30cm) refers to the size of the wheels, which have puncture-proof tyres and a 10in version is also available. Suitable from 3 years, the seat and handlebar are adjustable and the stabilisers can be removed.

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And don’t forget a helmet

Safety first, remember. Here’s Amazon’s range of Thomas helmets to prevent nasty knocks when kids are on their Thomas ride-ons.

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