Best starter train board games for railway loving toddlers

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When it comes to train board games for little children who are just starting out, Thomas the Tank Engine reigns supreme. The best of these games offer different ways to play depending on the child’s age and ability, which will change rapidly. Even then though, play should only be limited by the child and their parents’ (grandparents’, sibling’s etc) imagination.

The Best of Train Board Games

Thomas Roads and Rail

Simply based around Snakes & Ladders, this game is double sided with one of the games basing moves on colours and the other on numbers. This makes it a great starting game for the under 3s but with longevity for it to be played as your child develops their use of numbers. If you’ve got an age difference between two kids, getting the elder to play with a normal dice and the younger with the colours at the same time will mean they are both entertained. Ravensburger are also great at making solidly-made board games, which will be needed as this one will get a lot of use.

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A Great Train Game For Two Year Olds

Thomas Memory

If your child is a little younger, Ravensburger’s Thomas Memory Game is an absolute bargain. The enduring appeal of Thomas The Tank Engine is the engines’ faces and this sets this game apart from more generic memory cards for kids. The youngest children would start by matching the cards face up; a great introduction to games. As they near three, the cards can be laid face down and the child has to remember where they are.

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Another Good Option for Thomas Fans

Thomas Dominos

Similar to the Memory Game, Thomas Dominos is simple enough for children to grasp. The cards are well made and pictures good. However, there are fewer options for games as children grow so the longevity is not there compared with the previous two games.

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The only Chuggington option

Race’n’Chase Game

The most appropriate Chuggington game for this age group is Pressman’s Race’n’Chase Game, but it is officially for four and upwards. It is both a 24 piece puzzle and a board game in which a motorised Wilson chases players who move based on the roll of the dice. There have been negative comments on Amazon about Wilson losing power or not even working in the first place.

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Thomas game for older kids

Thomas Birthday Surprise


Again, this game is pitched at preschoolers, but may be suitable for older toddlers. The idea is that each player is one of four Thomas & Friends characters. The players then travel around Sodor by train trying to match party favours found along the route.

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The Amazon links and images above take you to the website should you wish to buy one of the products. I earn a small commission without any cost to you for my work if you use these links – which will be used to take two train-loving boys to Japan.

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