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Top wooden train set guide Trains For Kids

The best wooden train sets are almost certainly an amalgamation of all the Brio, Bigjigs and other sets children have bought and added to their collection as they grow up. You’ve got to start somewhere, however. The Best Wooden Trains Sets Guide by Trains For Kids aims to give a brief intro to wooden trains before discussing the relative merits of top-selling sets from the major brands.

Wooden trains: getting started

There are some basic things to think about before starting out with a wooden train set.

At risk of being controversial from the start, first up is the question: are you sure you want wooden? It’s certainly been the direction our family has taken – with just one plastic set – but there are advantages. One of the main ones is that as plastic is more malleable, these train sets can often have more steep mountains for engines to climb and race down. Some of the Thomas The Tank Engine themed Trackmaster sets not only have exciting swing bridges to cross, avalanches to escape and so on, but they can be heavily themed around the films and books. The other key advantage is that the engines can be larger and thus more suitable to smaller hands.

Assuming I’ve not scared you off wood, the second consideration is how old is your child. Wooden train sets typically state the age recommendation as 3+ but there are some starter sets for 18m+ or 2+. Realistically, my sons have both played with wooden train sets not long after their first birthdays. We’ve removed a few of the smallest parts (from the sets, not the children) and been fortunate that neither were particularly prone to putting anything in their mouths.

The next advice I would suggest is to think about how much your little on is likely to be into trains and railways. If he or she has played a lot with wooden trains at nursery, other children’s house, in shop displays and the like it’s a good indicator that it might be worth going beyond a starter or smaller set to begin with.

Likewise, you need to consider how much room you have. If you have limited space you need to go for a small set or even a set with a table (see here for the Trains For Kids Train Table Guide). By contrast if you have a large area that could potentially be used to store and lay out tracks then you’ve got more options.

Next think about a theme. Does your child have other interests that you might want to look for in a train set – whether that be dinosaurs (if so, stop reading and read this review), construction or fairies? It’s also worth looking at the complexity of any accessories and bridges to gauge whether the set will hold your child’s interest. We have built up our set over time adding bits here and there. Would you do this or would you prefer to start with a larger set?

Finally, be prepared to shop around for bargains. Many retailers do regular discounts on the train sets themselves, others will also do free delivery or percentage discount on any higher purchases while Amazon and the Trains For Kids Store are great ways to find cheaper deals.

With those points in mind, lets get into the major brands – pretty much all of which would interconnect with one another.

Brio: Overview

Brio is often the wooden railway brand that comes to people’s mind first. The company was set up in the 1880s in Sweden, growing into a multinational toy and game supplier and is now owned by Ravensburger. It is known for its quality, wide range of wooden train sets. It tends to have a decent blend of plastic and wood components, trying to make the best out of both materials.

Brio: Starter Sets

Brio My First Railway Set

It seems only right to start with the first set that we ever bought. At that point we knew very little about wooden train sets as Zachary was only about 1. Similarly we didn’t know it would grow into one of his fascinations. The 15 piece My First Railway Set was perfect to test the waters. Not only did it become a hit, but it is still very much used today – especially the red and green ramps and the squishy tunnel. Sometimes available with £5 off the £24.99 recommended retail price, it is not the cheapest starter set but a quality one.

Buy at Amazon

Buy at John Lewis (typically more expensive)

Brio My First Advanced Set

If you want something a little less basic for an 18 month old, then Brio has the My First Advanced Set. I have not direct experience of any of the pieces but the colourful train with a twisting cylinder inside the carriage and easy-to-build bridge look interesting for younger ones.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Little Forest Train Starter Set

The second of Brio’s three main starter sets – the Little Forest Train Starter Set – perplexes me. Not only do the 18 pieces amount to a tiny amount of track, two trees and a engine with one carriage – about the amount down the back of our sofa! – but it is for 3 years and upwards when I feel most kids would have moved past this. At £17, or perhaps £14 on offer, it is a cheap introduction to Brio and given it has over 20 positive reviews on Amazon should not be discounted.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Safari Starter Set

The Safari Starter Set is a nice one, especially if your child is into animals and might want to add more from Brio’s Safari Range. It comes with 17 pieces and at £23 is decent value, though I still lean towards My First Railway Set for pure railway fun.

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Brio Travel Circle Train Set

Very basic circle set, the main appeal of the Brio Travel Circle Train Set is being able to take passengers in and out of the train. Sometime available for £17, it offers good value to get into Brio wooden trains.

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Brio: Basic & Midrange Sets

Brio Rail Farm Railway Set

Brio Farm Railway Set


Of the simpler Brio sets on the market, one I’ve seen in action is the Brio Rail Farm Railway Set. It’s a little short on track for something costing £30-35 but the hay barn that has a crane to lift bales on and off the carriage is robust and easy to use.

But At Amazon

Brio Travel Explorer Set

While we didn’t specifically buy the Brio Travel Explorer Set, we have all the components except the bridge/tunnel from this figure of 8 set. One thing Brio does really well is to have trains that children can put people into and this train has been a firm favourite for Jacob at 2.5 years old. The only caution I would have is that the doors and roofs of the train do come off easily and are hard to get back on (and find if they’re lost!). Look to pick up this set for £30.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Figure 8 Mountain Set

A simpler figure of 8 train set, the Figure 8 Mountain Set doesn’t stand up to its near £30 price tag for me.

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Brio Rail and Road Loading Set

Zachary was never really into joining cars and trains in play but had we been starting out with Jacob this might have been a route we’d gone as he loves his cranes, construction, cars, trucks, level crossings and bridges. By starting out with the Brio Rail and Road Loading Set, you can expand your collection in whichever direction your child chooses. As with a number of the sets, getting about 10% off the normal price of £45 can be possible.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Rail and Road Crane

Also consider the £40 or so Rail and Road Crane set for kids that love construction and trains.

Buy at Amazon

Brio Road and Rail Travel Set

Brio Rail and Road Travel Set

The Brio Road and Rail Travel Set offers a similar combination, with the travel train that comes with the Brio Travel Explorer Set. Add some extra track and a bridge and you’d have a really nice mixed transport set up. It’s a touch more expensive at £49.99 RRP but offered at £46.00 ahead of Christmas 2015. We did have a similar piece to the bus station and managed to crush it underfoot but that’s not a reason to avoid.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Steam Train Railway Set

If your child got into trains because of a love of steam engines from a parent, grandparent or trip to heritage railway, then this Brio Steam Train Railway Set might be a nice option. It’s not the accuracy of the Heritage Collection from Bigjigs or Flyings Scotsman from Brio, nor the recognisable Steam Team from Thomas, but will get little ones screaming chooo chooo, pufffff puffff nonetheless. And probably the adults too.

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Brio Metro Railway Set

Brio Metro Set

If you’re a city dweller and spend a lot of time on the Tube, for example, then this Brio Metro Railway Set set looks great. There are two passengers that can get in and out of the three-part bright red train at the station (which has sliding doors to get into it). There is limited track and even more so tunnels. You might find this for the mid-£30s if lucky rather than the £45 recommended retail price.

Buy at Amazon

Brio Country Farm Set

Into the mid-range wooden train sets comes the Country Farm Set. I’d suggest that it would suit a child if they particularly like farms but there would be better options for £55 if they don’t.

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Brio: Deluxe Sets

Brio City Train Set

As we have practically all the pieces for this set from various collections, I rate the Brio City Train Set pretty highly. It has a battery operated train – some kids get on with these better, some just want to push it themselves – that the people can sit in. There is a level crossing and small rail for fun on the railway. The suspension bridges from Brio are fantastic for when you want to get to more complex track layouts. The number of pieces is rather bumped up by a load of basic trees but at £60 the only reason not to go for it would be if you wanted a wooden train.

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Brio Country Railway Set

Brio Country Railway

In a similar vein, the Brio Country Railway Set has a decent amount of track and two plastic trains. Brio bridge supports are decent, which is always something to watch out for with cheaper sets. If you can get this set in the mid-£40s, then it represents decent value.

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Brio Large Railway Set

Large Railway Set Brio

The snappily titled Brio Large Railway Set is just that: a good-sized train set with a decent amount of track and accessories (75 pieces overall). I rate the explorer train that comes in this set as it’s one of Jacob’s favourites. But wait, there’s something extra. The station talks to the child as the train goes around. I haven’t witnessed this but can imagine it would be quite fun. It can be found for as little as £60.

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Brio Safari Figure of 8 Set

At the lower end of the deluxe sets, the Brio Safari Figure of 8 gets good reviews on Amazon, though I would suggest in the mid-£60s this is a little overpriced for a 25 piece set. There is no doubting quality as we have several of the wooden bridges in this set and prefer them over similar sized plastic. While the train is simple, it is good for children to put the animals in and out of.

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Brio Flying Scotsman Train Set

It appears that Brio is phasing out the Flying Scotsman Train Set. It was previously available around £60 and a decent number of pieces for that money. There was some disquiet about the quality of the buildings as they are plastic and propped up rather than being more substantial wood. The only one available at the time of writing was a second hand at £99, which you’d need to be a Flying Scotsman superfan to justify. Try Bigjigs’ Heritage Range instead.

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Brio Deluxe Cargo Railway Set

Cargo Railway Set Brio

At £90 to £100, the Deluxe Cargo Rail Set has some really nice components. For example, the gantry crane that can pick up (using a magnet) cargo off one train and load it onto another or the ground by the side of the track is a firm favourite in our house. There are plenty of bridge supports and the bridge too. Two engines- we have the red battery powered one and it is very robust – and three cargo trucks make this a good, top of the range set.

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Brio Large Railway Freight Station Set

Railway freight station train set

If you’re struggling to justify the price of the above Deluxe Cargo Rail Set then perhaps the Large Railway Freight Station Set at around £60 is a better option. You can always add the bridges and cranes at a later stage.

Buy At Amazon

Brio Metro City Train Set

Brio Metro City Train

As if we didn’t have enough wooden railway, my wife is desperate to get the Brio Metro City Train Set for our toddler. The concept is very cool, with a station with a lift between two circular tracks that could easily be extended. The tunnel for the ‘underground’ part also looks great. This can be found for mid-£60s rather than the RRP of £80.

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Brio Rail Travel Switching Set

Brio Rail Travel Switching Set

The Brio Rail Travel Switching Set is a similar one to the above, largely just swapping the underground tunnel and engine for a bridge and another travel trains. A bit of extra track and points make for more variety for a similar price of £65.

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Brio Rail Deluxe Railway Set

This one might have to be filed under In Your Dreams. Retailing at £200 officially but sometimes as low as £160, it is basically the best of Brio’s railway offering in a box. There are three bridges, two tunnels, three trains and a station as part of this 87 piece Rail Deluxe Railway Set. If you want to get going with a bang, this is certainly the way of doing so (a way that’s cheaper than building sets up over time). You even get your own box to store it all in.

Buy At Amazon (Just don’t tell my kids you did!)

Brio Railway World Deluxe Train and Road Track Set

The previous set is not the pinnacle of Brio’s range, which is reserved for the £300 RRP Railway World Deluxe Train and Road Track Set that combines the best of its railway and road toys. The emphasis is taken off the railway a little to bring in elements like an aeroplane and control tower, more waterborne elements and better cranes. Several of the parts are battery operated to make realistic sounds. This can often be found at £40 less than the RRP.

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Bigjigs: Overview

Bigjigs has come a long way since its founders – two teachers who wanted to make better wooden educational tools – started in 1985. The wooden toys are now largely made in China rather than a shed in England but the family-run company’s HQ remains in Kent. Wooden railways remain at the heart of its 1,500-strong set of products. The company is known for quality, beautifully finished train sets that place emphasis on wood rather than plastic. Regular visitors will know Trains For Kids and Bigjigs have worked together on a number of competitions; below are my opinions alone.

Bigjigs: Starter Sets

Bigjigs My First Train Set

Costing less than £12, My First Train Set is a great way to introduce children to railway toys and the Bigjigs way. It’s a simple yet beautifully painted circular wooden train set. Bigjigs’ accessories are always characterful, making them stand out from cheaper sets.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Figure of Eight Train Sets

Bigjigs produces three types of figure of eight tracks. Each comes with 15 pieces of track that make up the loop, including a very strong bridge. The accessories are wooden and simple, with the carriages not taking people within them (a different approach from Brio). The first set is a 30 piece Bigjigs Basic Figure of Eight Train Set but this is out of stock on Amazon and the company’s own website. This leaves the Bigjigs Figure of Eight Train Set which is good value at £24.49 for a fully wooden set and comes in bold primary colours and the Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set which is clearly aimed towards girls with its pastel palette.

Buy At Amazon – Regular version

Buy At Amazon – Fairy version

Bigjigs Village Train Set

After the very first starter sets, the Bigjigs range jumps to those at the £30 mark. The Bigjigs Village Train Set brings in a basic tunnel, level crossing, station and points. There are a few more accessories, including a pond. These take it some way beyond the figure of eight tracks, but not by a great degree given there are better tunnels and accessories available individually.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Farm Train Set

At this price range, I really rate the Bigjigs Farm Train Set. I was supplied one to review (read here) and was very impressed with the new addition for 2015. The apple tree bridge is a standout feature but the beautifully painted train is also great (and now referred to as the Cow Train in our household. The animals get to ride on the carriages too. As mentioned in the review, the main drawback I found was that only one of the hay bales fit on the carriage. Still a great set around the £30 mark.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Heritage Collection: Flying Scotsman, Mallard, Rocket & CN Rail

As I note for Brio, some kids get inspired by steam trains to play more with wooden train sets. The best known of those have been made into accurate wooden models in the Bigjigs Heritage Collection. Whether it is Mallard (pictured), Flying Scotsman or Rocket, they come with a good amount of track, a ticket booth and accessories for just over £30. A Canadian National Railways one is also available.

Buy At Amazon – link for all four

Brio: Basic & Midrange Sets

Bijigs Dinosaur Train Set

Launched in 2015, I was again given a chance to put the Bigjigs Dinosaur Train Set through its paces. I had initial reservations as you can read here but ended up concluding that not only was it one of the best fantasy wooden railway sets on the market, that the volcano bridge and tunnel combination possibly put it up there with any other. It’s stood the testament of time in our household, with the volcano bridge being at the centre of a layout that the boys made in the playroom as I write. By adding some extra track to ensure the trains don’t derail when coming down from the top, it more than justifies its £45 price tag in my view.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Town and Country Train Set

Bigjigs’ main mid-range wooden railway set is the Town and Country Train Set, which includes 101 pieces. While there is a decent amount of track, the number of pieces is a little inflated by trees and people which needs to be borne in mind if – like my kids – these might be cast aside. There is a nice little station, level crossing and bridge. The inclusion of points make this a versatile set.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Rural Rail and Road Set

I love the bridges that come with the Bigjigs Rural Rail and Road Set, which is the companies offering for children that want rail and road play combined. We’ve tended to mix wooden rail with metal cars though.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Fairy Town Train Set

Bigjigs stands out as catering specifically for girls better than any of the wooden railway producers and should be commended for that. While some parents of girls and girls themselves are very happy to play with regular train sets, the pastel fairy-themed ones give those that aren’t an option. The Fairy Town Train Set includes a bridge, two tunnels and an engine shed.

Buy At Amazon

Brio: Deluxe Sets

Bigjigs Mountain Railway Set

The first of two sets pitched around the £80-mark – though one reviewer on Amazon claimed to have paid in the £50s (never seen that myself) – the Bigjigs Mountain Railway Set has 112 pieces. This means that right out of the box your child would have more than enough track to make any number of layouts. There are a number of sets of points and a small turntable. The mountain itself appears to be plastic, which looks fine but some may prefer a set with a wooden feature. There is only one train, with carriages that can be lifted off by the crane. The bridge supports are the wooden block ones, which I feel can be less stable for younger kids than the gripping type ones used on the Dinosaur Train Set above. Overall a good set if you want to get right into it.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Transportation Train Set

If your child is into any transport, then this is an amazing wooden railway set. The Transportation Train Set comes with an airport, heliport, petrol station, boat and a whole load of commercial vehicles. Unlike the previous set there are two trains which I’d expect when paying in the £80s. Moreover, there are three bridges and a load of bridge supports (albeit the wooden block ones I think can be wobbly). Once again, though there are 122 pieces, many are accessories and so it’s worth thinking whether they will get air time.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Construction Train Set

I desperately want Bigjigs to sell the bridge supports in the Construction Train Set separately. They are the gripping type and so are really sturdy and with several levels can create an amazing spiral. However, at over £100 you really would know that you want the crane to buy this construction-themed, 116 piece set.

Buy At Amazon

Bigjigs Freight Train Set

In contrast with Brio’s top of the range set, I struggle to build up as much enthusiasm for this one from Bigjigs. One part of it is that if you’re going to have a roundhouse there are better ones out there and similar for the small blue bridge and tunnel. There is no shortage of track but there appears to be a disproportionate amount of straights to points and curves. The Bigjigs Freight Train Set has two trains and comes in a wooden box to keep it in.

Buy At Amazon

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway: Overview

There’s a reason that Thomas is still going after 70 years: children love how alive the characters with names and faces become. When it comes to wooden railways, the main reason to buy Thomas & Friends is not for those specific engines, which can after all be bought and put with any set, but the quality of the track. It’s embossed and I sort of want to frame it whenever I use it. Elsewhere, some of the official Thomas accessories are plastic and somehow just don’t feel quite up to par with a brand that is at the high end price-wise.

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway: All Sets

Wooden Railway Starter Set

If your child is a Thomas fan and just starting out with wooden trains then this is the way to go – if it’s on offer. Being a basic oval, Thomas engine, three accessories and The Fat Controller, I just don’t see how the Wooden Railway Starter Set is worth £27. You’re better off buying an expansion pack of track, a Thomas engine and whatever you want with the change. At the time of writing, the set was closer to £18 with Amazon.

Buy At Amazon

Wooden Railway Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set

The Wooden Railway Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set features a Thomas engine and coal truck along with the hopper to fill it. With the quality track from Thomas & Friends it gets close to being nice set. However, the bridge is plastic and – according to some reviewers not that stable – which means that being in the mid-£30s there are better options out there.

Buy At Amazon

Wooden Railway Steaming Around Sodor Train Set

This is another set from Thomas & Friends that gets strong reviews on Amazon. Although relatively expensive with a RRP of £69.99, at least with this one I can see the point. The Steaming Around Sodor Train Set has a covered bridge and turning wheel and a nice set of signals. Thomas is the motorised version and there is one carriage in the set too (although not in the picture). A decent option for die-hard Thomas fans.

Buy At Amazon

Wooden Railway Fossil Run Set

A combination of wooden railway and plastic, this Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Fossil Run brings the excitement of the Trackmaster products. Thomas and Timothy are sure to have an exciting adventure with boulders flying everywhere.

Buy At Amazon

IKEA: Overview & Train Set

Ikea trains

If you want a truly cheap source of new wooden train track then you might want to consider Ikea. A 20 piece Lillabo figure of 8 train track with engine and carriage costs just £8. While the quality is acceptable and the track will fit OK with other brands, don’t expect other engines and carriages to fit under the bridge.


Buy At Amazon

GLTC: Overview & Train Set

Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) is well know for high quality toys. While I’ve not seen their wooden railway set, it fits with other wooden railway track. Reviews on their site are positive. I believe the set comes with just track and the blue train for £35. For everything in the image, they do a bundle that is over £100.

Buy At GLTC – Wooden Train Track Set

Chad Valley: Overview & Train Set

Chad Valley is not renowned for its wooden toys. However, its Chad Valley 60 Piece Train Set is a decent budget end option. It comes with 21 pieces of track, a plastic bridge, basic engine and slightly strange amount of traffic signs and cones.

Buy At Amazon

Melissa and Doug: Overview

Started in an American garage by Doug and his future wife Melissa, the company has grown up to have 2,000 products, an international reputation (though still better known in the US) and an emphasis on quality.

Melissa and Doug: All Sets

Figure 8 Train Set

If your kids aren’t fussed about accessories or you want a cost effective way of expanding the amount of track you’ve got, then the Figure 8 Train Set from Melissa and Doug is great. It comes with a bridge, a decent engine and a set of points for £15, or sometimes nearer £12 on offer.

Buy At Amazon

Swivel Bridge Train Set

There’s a lot to like about this train set. Once again it’s deliberately light on accessories, which is great if you just want track. There is both the swivel bridge that gives the set its name and a solid wooden tunnel. The ramps that come in the Swivel Bridge Train Set are always useful. However, I’m not a fan of the wooden block bridge supports.

Buy At Amazon

Mountain Tunnel Train Set

Melissa and Doug Mountain Train Set

This set definitely has one of the more interesting mountain layouts of the major brands. Hard to judge the Mountain Tunnel Train Set without seeing it in action.

Buy At Amazon

Deluxe Wooden Railway Set

This wooden railway set is amazing if you are looking for a large set that doesn’t have too many accessories. Most of the 130 plus piece are simply good quality track, bridges and engines. Melissa and Doug’s Deluxe Wooden Train Set is much cheaper than those from Bigjigs or Brio, and is the best I’ve found so far with a roundhouse included. All in all a good way to go if the focus is on a good value train set at £80 RRP but often in the £60s on sale.

Buy At Amazon

Tidlo: Overview & Sets

Tidlo has emerged strongly in recent years, selling through Amazon. I’ve not had any experience of it, but with a basic and more complex sets – including a fantastic looking London one – I’ve ordered some to try it out.

Buy At Amazon

Other Brands: All Sets

Kosee Wooden Railway Station 70 Pieces Train Set

Cheap set, especially when there’s £19 off the £49.99 usual price, which may be a decent way to see what your child focuses on given the variety of pieces.

Buy At Amazon

Point-Kids 100, 75 and 49 piece sets

Point Kids Train Set

While I have no experience myself of Point-Kids, the company has three lower end wooden train sets on Amazon that get good reviews. At the time of writing, each of the three sets was selling at just over half of the RRP. The sets are somewhat bloated with extra basic accessories like a lot of trees. However, at £36 for 100 pieces, £31 for 75 pieces (pictured) and £25 for 49 pieces, Point-Kids appears to be the best budget range around.

Buy At Amazon


There are many fantastic wooden railway sets out there and I hope this guide has helped you pin point the right one for your child. Our collection centres on Brio and Bigjigs and I find little reason to recommend you from taking a different path. The exception to that is around budget – and here Tidlo, Point-Kids and Melissa and Doug offer some great alternatives.

Don’t forget many of these wooden train sets and more can be found in the Trains For Kids Store.

Links above take you to or other retailers should you wish to buy one of the products. I earn a small commission without any cost to you for my work if you use these links – which will be used to take two train-loving boys to Japan.

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  1. Laura antill

    My kids love the infinite possibilities of different shapes and combinations of the tracks x only limited by imagination

  2. Gill

    We love our Bigjigs Flying Scotsman set bought at the York Railway Museum earlier this year. Lovely set and reminds me of our lovely Yorkshire holiday too!

    1. TFK

      Now Katy, we don’t say Hate, we say We understand that there is a place for much cheaper alternatives but we really would like it better if it fit with all the other bits!

  3. Debbi Ruskin

    My son loves to let his imagination fly & use them as anything other than what the rest of us think they are, lol

  4. Anthony Harrington

    we adore wooden toys, our little chap loves them, he loves playing with the endless combinations, we love the quality and detail

  5. Karen

    We also have a mixture… Started with brio kit with the soft tunnel and now have a large collection of bigjigs and brio. We found ikea didn’t really fit

  6. sarah wells

    I never realised there was so much choice, We have the Bigjigs Farm Train Set at After School Club it’s always one of the first toys out of the rainy day cupboard a real hit with the younger members then get older its Lego.

  7. Hester McQueen

    Wooden toys are very tactile – nice to handle – little hands can manage the the pieces.

  8. Sara Middleton

    My little boy loves the endless track options he can build with the wooden sets, and all on his own. He’s a real master of the rails!

  9. Laura Tonks

    The versatility that they can build it anyway they like, is super for their imaginations and easy enough for them to put together by themselves xx

  10. Luke Boggis

    My little boy loves having tunnels and bridges, also he loves an animal train. So he can take all his baby animals on train rides.

  11. Samantha O'D

    So many great sets, I love that some incorporate other interests, my daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs and would love that set

    1. TFK

      Our toddler Jacob can lay on the floor for hours pushing trains through tunnels. Why does he always leave the dinner table after 2 minutes?!

  12. Shona W

    My son loves that he can make so many different layouts from his box full of wooden train tracks. We have Brio, bigjigs and ikea and because they all fit together it makes for easier track building!

  13. Megan Adams

    My children were lucky enough to inherit their uncle’s big collection of Brio train track. The stuff is 25 years old and is in brilliant condition! From a parents point of view, it’s a brilliant investment that can be passed from generation to generation. My kids love building different train tracks. No track is ever the same!

  14. Mummymelton

    My little boy loves wooden toys, he’s at that age now where we are looking at getting a train set. Whilst some might be expensive it is an investment. My little brother had a brio set when he was little

    1. TFK

      Well I hope you can choose from the 50 above! The bulk of ours are Brio and Bigjigs – good quality and plenty of accessories to extend them if they want.

  15. Dawn McBride

    My little ones love the wooden train sets, they are great fun to set up and then you can have hours of fun playing with them, mine like to pretend and speak like the little people as if they are getting on and off, and taking tickets etc.

  16. Hayley Wells

    My little boy loves to get creative with the tracks, winding them around the room and under the furniture. He loves to make up stories about where the trains are going and who is getting on. Great fun!

  17. Jessica Goodenough

    We have BRIO train sets and Samta might be leaving some new bigjigs rail sets under the tree too. Superb quality wooden rail sets which will last a lifetime!!

  18. Hannah Bee Griffin

    My little guy first got into trains because of his Grandad. They both love the roll playing, putting buildings, animals and trees in the right place. Super for getting the imagination going and playing together

    1. TFK

      Thanks Hannah. Since starting this site I’ve been amazed how important grandparents are in introducing kids to trains – and a lot else besides.

  19. Joanne

    What a huge list (and giving me UK envy as many of these brands are not widely available in Canada). We began with Thomas oval but soon supplemented with PlanToys, Brio and Imaginarium. I think your initial statement is right: the best set is the one you build up with coveted pieces from many brands, but that said the one I wish I’d begun with is BigJigs CN rail. Train love in our house began before Thomas awareness and real (and realistic) trains have always had a special power with my little one.

  20. Liz Orme

    My little boy just loves making up stories about his trains. They have races, get up to mischief and go to wonderful imaginary places. I love to watch and listen to him playing with them ????

  21. Michelle Murphy

    My son loves any train sets, as long as it involves track and trains, he’s sold. He loves to incorporate his toy animals to make little animal safari trains. He has some cute Melissa & Doug animal carriages, he loves to put his small animal figures into the carriages to chugger them around the track. Really cute to watch!!

  22. Alana Walker

    My sons love that with their train sets they can use their imagination and can pretend where they think the trains are going and who is travelling on them :)

  23. Leanne Burkin

    My little girl got her first train set last Christmas, so almost a year ago. It’s been played with almost every day. She loves to reenact her favourite Thomas stories and has just started to enjoy creating her own track layouts (which I’m a little disappointed about as I’m no longer called upon to build the track).

  24. Ceril Roberts

    My son loves trains in any shape or form but I think the wooden equipment is brilliant because you can extend it, it has loads of accessories and it’s tougher than plastic.

  25. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    My sons and daughters love of trains hit I guess because we don’t have a car, so from the day they were born the train has been our only mode of transport, and to me, its the best!
    Tbh, we don’t have a train set at the moment. We did have a lovely old wooden one, but I have no idea what happened to it. They do have their favourite Thomas the Tank book though, which comes with its own play mat and lots of little trains, and they love it.
    I would love to have a proper wee train-set for them. Bigjigs do make some lovely sets. xx

  26. Portia Mattinson

    When my eldest got into trains we first bought him the thomas the tank wooden railway set, he loved it and now 4 years later he still gets it out to play with.,

  27. sandy ralph

    my grandson love the sets because he can make different tracks each time and have an adventure with his toys and trains going to different places all the time

  28. Nicola

    My twins love train sets and can sit pushing the trains round the track for ages! I like them using the train set as it is ‘tech’ free and means they can demonstrate nice imaginary play skills! My twins have some additional needs and are both non-verbal but they can say choo choo as they play with their trains which melts my heart!

  29. Gem Cook

    Our little boy would love the wooden train sets. I have really enjoyed reading this blog post. Thank you for the sharing!

  30. Kate E

    My little boy loves slotting the track together himself now and sticking the trains together with the magnets. He also enjoys using the bridge as a telephone!! He has a little way to go yet :)

  31. Kirsten Barthy

    There is no limits for imaginative play as you can change your train set up whenever you want

  32. sandy

    wow, so many great ones. I must admit I’m a fan of starting with the budget ones (Tesco, ARgos, whatever) and using the premium brands (Bigjigs, Brio etc.) as add-ons. It’s one of the massive benefits of wooden railway over other rwailways because they’re almost entirely inter-compatible.

    1. TFK

      Great way to build out your set. Quality accessories are worth it; paying a lot for the basic track less so.

  33. ellie spider

    H (2) and D(5) like the fact they can play together with D’s wooden train set – it’s not too babyish for him and the large wooden trains are easy for H to handle and push

  34. caroline mackinnon

    After reading this I am much more informed and would love a starter kit to motivate and let his imagination grow his collection

  35. Barbara Handley

    My grandson likes how they stand up to all the crashes he and his sister inflict on them. Lots of plastic toys have had to be binned as they break easily.

  36. Margaret Gallagher

    Wow never knew there was so much choice and variety -looking for train sets for my nephews aged 2 3 4 and 8 and this is so informative -thankyou for the comprehensive list -wooden sets that can be added to as they get older to continue their learning and fun -the farmyard themes really caught my attention -great for role play and learning to love nature

  37. MultiplexRant

    Well, my 2yr, 4mth old loves playing with MY old Brio railway that I had as a boy! Some of it will be thirty years old. It was my fave toy and I ended up with a decent-sized set. It has mostly lasted really well; a couple of peg-type track connecters have had to be glued, and some of the rolling stock is now a bit tatty. But otherwise, a bit of an heirloom toy and I’m happy to see how much fun he has with it. He’s getting a Bigjigs Pendolino train for Christmas, great because it’s the train his daddy often has travel on for work!

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