Bigjigs Farm Train Set sows the seeds for wooden railway fun

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First wooden train sets are available from many different companies, either featuring circle layouts or figure of eight tracks and starting from as little as £10. I knew the boys would love the new Farm Train Set from Bigjigs. So when asked to review it the question in my head was ‘if we went back in time (and didn’t have a box full of track already) would it be worth the extra to start with this one?’

This review will look at the 44-piece Farm Train Set but there are five other accessories available within the range. The range sees railways meander their way through farmland, apple orchards, hay sheds and chicken coops. The main Bigjigs Farm Train Set costs £30.99, which is £6.50 more than its award-winning Figure of Eight Train Set.

Bigjigs Farm Train Set

Unpacking the box

Unpacking the box, the usual Bigjigs care has been taken over packing. For example, each of the wooden pieces is wrapped in individual pieces of paper. I was slightly surprised that about a fifth of the box was simply filled with a cardboard holder to ensure pieces didn’t move around – why not just a smaller box?

photo 1

Bigjigs is one of the best wooden train set suppliers when it comes to accessories and scenery. Even just a quick scan on Amazon shows this. The Farm Train Set features a clever and beautifully painted apple tree bridge and tunnel. The engine is painted as a brown and white cow, and pulls a chicken and hay stack. Six apple trees, three animals, two haystacks (not three as in the Bigjigs photography) and two people complete the accessories. There are 25 pieces of track, including 12 small curves and two bridge ramps.
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Building the railway track

Building the train track based on the instructions is easy and generally within the grasp of a five- or six-year old. The apple tree bridge in our pack, however, was extremely tight fitting. While this means it will remain very firmly together, I wouldn’t have fancy our chances of getting it apart regularly if we had needed to have stored it flat.

Getting under way

Pushing the train around the track, the ride is smooth and the bridge sturdy. The curves are tight (thus making quite a square figure of eight) but this is fine for the little train that comes with the set. The way the apple bridge is built it is easy for a toddler to push the train through.

photo 3b

Having recently written about the best train tables, I measured the width once built and at 95cm it would comfortably fit on typical tables.

What the kids think

Two kids – Zachary, 6.5, and Jacob, 2.5 –  were unleashed on the Bigjigs Farm Train Set to see what they thought (see video). Both really liked the train and the apple bridge. They helped build it and enjoyed laying out the accessories. They quickly turned to inventing stories about the farmer loading hay and chickens onto the train to be delivered.

“I love the apple tree bridge. I also like the train that’s a bit like a cow. The set is simple. There should be a horse to eat the hay. There is a pig, sheep, chicken and duck which don’t eat hay.”Zachary, 6

One thing that frustrated Jacob was that while one of the hay bales fit on the train, the other two didn’t. It might be just that my boys want as much as possible to fit onto the train rather than as scenery but I think this set would have been improved if there had been two of the smaller hay bales than two larger ones that don’t fit on the train.

photo 4


As expected, this set in isolation was far more suited to the toddler than the school boy (who quickly went and got several extra bits including Tidmouth Sheds). Jacob turned from engine driver and farmer to lumberjack after deciding that the narrow-trunked apple tress were too easily knocked over on carpet and so he deliberately laid them all down. (Well, with farm incomes so low perhaps diversification into lumber yard and children’s train rides is a shrewd move).

photo 1b

More in the Bigjigs Farm Range

I’ve not seen any of the rest of the Bigjigs Farm Range myself. Judging by photos and online reviews where available, I think two of the three tunnels – Country Windmill and Hay Barn – look like winners. The former I think Jacob would love to turn the sails, while the latter would be brilliant for a 3.5 or 4 year old to pull hay off the train into the barn (again, another reason to have hay bales that fit on the train). The Chicken Shed Tunnel and Farm Bridge look nice and would fit well with the set but don’t stand out that much from other tunnels and bridges. Bought by itself, the Farmyard Train simply adds a carriage with a pig in it.

In summary: Bigjigs Farm Train Set

Overall the Bigjigs Farm Train Set and its companion pieces are a really cute extension of normal railway play. It is best suited to younger children, especially those who love farms or avoid cities, construction and the like in some similar sets. Compared with the Brio equivalent farm train set, Bigjigs’ is more of a railway set, more traditionally designed but less interactive as Brio’s majors on the hay barn and tractor.

The set sits squarely price-wise between entry-level sets (where I’d recommend you consider the Figure of Eight Train Set) and more complex ones where my two favourites from Bigjigs are the Bigjigs Dinosaur Train Set (that we reviewed before) and the Town & Country Train Set. So coming back to my original question, of whether a younger me would have bought this as a first set, the answer is I would have either gone for one like the Figure of Eight Train Set, or gone the whole hog and got the farm set, hay barn and extra track (including longer curves that this set doesn’t have).

Bigjigs provided me with the Dinosaur Train Set for free to review. All opinions are my own or those of the kids. Certain links above take you to should you wish to buy one of the products. I earn a small commission without any cost to you for my work if you use these links – which will be used to take two train-loving boys to Japan.

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What do you think your child would like best about the Farm Range from Bigjigs? Let us know below.

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85 Comments on “Bigjigs Farm Train Set sows the seeds for wooden railway fun”

  1. Luke Boggis

    My train and animal loving little boy will love pulling the animals round this track, especially over and under the bridge.

    1. TFK

      Thanks, Luke. My toddler, Jacob, loved pulling the chicken around. It does make you wonder about if the scale was accurate just how big that chicken is!

  2. Michelle Murphy

    My little boy loves animals, and Train Sets, so this is a brilliant combination. I think he would definitely love the Apple Tree bridge and the additional animal figures. If we won this we would most definitely be buying the Country Windmill and the Haybarn. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Mari

    This looks like a real winner. My little boy is train mad but also likes playing with the farm. I’m sure the tree tunnel would be the favourite part along with knocking the trees over!

    1. TFK

      Yes, Jacob just flattened them and went on playing with the train. Can;t stop progress. Good luck in the comp. Ian

  4. Joanne O'Neill

    My daughter loves anything with animals and making the noises. She will love pushing this around the track and letting it roll down the bridge!

  5. Cassandra Mayers

    My Daughter Loves Farm animals, she will enjoy playing with the trains passing the animals

  6. Danielle Graves

    I think first and foremost my son would love the train but he would also equally love the animals and would probably give me a rendition of old mcdonald whilst playing

  7. steven young

    My children would love that they could transport the different animals around the track, saying “Hello!” to all the other animals and people on the way.

  8. steven young

    My girls love train sets (they must get that from me. I went through a few in my youth and I always stop and play with one if we see one when we’re out and about) and I can picture them, transporting the animals around the track stopping at all the other animals to have a chat and saying “Hello!” to all the little people.

    1. TFK

      Lots of girls love train sets. Some like ‘normal’ ones, then there are a decent range (including Bigjigs Fairy Range and Magical Train Set and Table) of girl focussed ones. Good luck in the comp, Steven.

  9. kim neville

    My son would like going past the animals and people on the train and going through the tunnel and over the bridge.

  10. Katy

    My son Theo got into trains around his second birthday in July. He’s still a bit clumsy with more elaborate bridges so this nice sturdy one looks top for him.

  11. Sarah

    My grandchildren would love the fact this goes with their exit=sting BigJigs railway and addes a new dimension with plenty to talk about.

  12. Anthony Harrington

    great review, our little Grandson would adore this, he is animal, tractor and train crazy. He would particularly like the detailed parts, I love that it is safe, robust and wooden.

    1. TFK

      Wow – lots of very loving grandparents in this thread! Anthony, sounds like a perfect fit for your grandson. Lots of our railway is now 6 years old, 2 children old and as detailed, safe and wooden as it started out!

  13. Alex Cuckson

    Ella would love the texture – particularly as she’s teething and would enjoy chewing it. In addition to that, the pieces are small and interesting to touch for small hands. She would love to make the train move and have fun making animal noises too.

  14. Amy Tidd

    my son would love this set! We skewer own bigjigs rail track and this would be a welcomed addition. Bigjig track is by far the best quality and we love all the accessories!

    1. TFK

      I think skewer must be a typo or a strange ritual in the Tidd household! Yep, love Bigjigs quality and they do accessories really well. Good luck in the competition.

  15. Richard

    My daughter is ALL about the farm animals. This may finally be a way for me to get her into trains too. Fingers crossed for both of us.

  16. Sara

    What a great review, honest and funny. My train obsessed little boy would love this, especially the loading of chickens onto the trailers!

  17. Kate E

    He’d love all of it, especially the tunnel of trees, the “quack” and the “baa” and of course the “choo choo”! He can already put track together but is still working on his words!!

  18. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    My 3 year old daughter would absolutely love this, she loves building things, and love animals xxxx

  19. claire blaney

    My nephew is train crazy & would be having his own little adventure everytime he played with it he would love building the track & putting the animals in the right place

  20. amanda rockeford

    My son would love this train set he loves real trains we go sit the station every Saturday just so he can watch the special train that pulls in.if he see this he beam with Joy

  21. Caroline Ferguson

    My little boy prefers wooden toys to noisy electronic ones. He’d be over the moon with this.

  22. Sally T

    The combination of animals and trains would offer Honey endless opportunities for the bizarre scenarios which are her forte.

  23. Gemma Evans

    I took my little boy to play at his new nursery friends house the other day and up until then I’d never heard of Bigjigs or took much interest in wooden toys but my son absolutely loved playing with his little friends wooden train set. My little boy would love one of these, it’s colourful and bright and he loves farm animals and trains and it makes a lovely change from plastic toys.

  24. Rebecca Smith

    My son harry would definitely appreciate the train set he’s really getting into vehicle toys at the moment

  25. kimberley ryan

    My twin boys love trains (and animals), they would spend hours with this set. The pieces look a good size and are lovely colours. They would definitely love the country windmill and the chicken shed though.

  26. Fiona Hogan

    Delightful train set for little hands. My Grandson would love this. Perfect combination trains and animals xx

  27. Pauline Dring

    These are fab train sets. Gradually learning to put the track together is a major part of the fun activity. I think this is what my Grandchildren would enjoy most. Also, making up stories about journeys and train drivers.

  28. Trev Revell

    My 3 year old grandson is a proper little man that brings joy and amusement to everyone who meets him. He loves farms and trains and I am sure a bigjigs farm train set would give him back some of the joy and amusement he gives others. :)

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